Fashion & Style 
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Fashion & Style Sections of Los Angeles Times

Since Fashion & Style are such a part of L.A.’s haute couture, you’ve totally got to turn to LA Times for latest news & hottest tips! It’s so easy! Just go to and, bookmark them, and check back every day. 

Since LA Times partnered with WWD to produce Fashion content for (, the magnitude of the paper’s fashion coverage has really increased. It’s the inside look you’re looking for.

  • Spying the themes of LA’s two Fashion Weeks:
  • LA is targeted for invasion by a new way of buying makeup, according to this article featuring Barry Beck:
  • The opulence of Gianni Versace lives on:
  • Name-dropping at swanky soirées:

LA Times Fashion obviously does more than that, of course. Pop-up shops, new jewelry trends, hot local cuisine and of course stars stars stars! If you haven’t already been doing so, check it out!

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